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Rising Sun[2013]


1 episode(30min)


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Nishikigoi is a kind of colorful carps that famous for their elegance when swimming in the pond. That is why people call them “swimming jewel”. Nishikigoi, original from a village in a deep mountain in Niigata Prefecture, has fascinated countless carp-lovers since two hundred years ago. The Nishikigoi owners now are making their effort to preserve the tradition, and pursing the beauty of Nishikigoi day by day.
Everything changed on the day of October 23 in 2004, the earthquake hit their hometown, Nagaoka city (former Yamakoshi village). The landslide came with the earthquake destroyed a lot of carp ponds and numerous of Nishikigoi lost their elegant life.
Losing the house and carps, many carp-owners were in an absolutely desperate state and they decided to leave their hometown.

However, there was a family who swear to each other that they were going to raise the Nishigoi again here in Niigata. With the help of many people and the support of the family member, the environment for their Nishikigoi is getting better and better and almost same with the environment before the earthquake.

On 11th of March 2011, however, the Great East Japan earthquake hit East Japan. This huge earthquake triggered struck off the coast of Honshu(main land of Japan). Extremely huge tsunami devastated places facing to Pacific ocean in “Tohoku”(east part) and “Kanto”(middle part).

With their bitter experience of huge earthquake, the Nishikigoi owner visited Minami-Soma city in Fukushima, one of the most damaged places. He says, “Some things can only be understood by those who have been suffered from disaster.”

“We wish our Nishikigoi can heal people’s heart even if a little, and people can feel at ease by watching them because it’s a long journey to revival.”
Some of his carps in pond of those disaster-stricken places had red marks on their white beautiful skin. It is like the Japanese flag. Those carps with red marks are called “the Rising Sun” as a symbol of revival of Yamakoshi once destroyed by the earthquake and rebuilt. It’s also a hope to those who are trying to advance towards revival.

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