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Fascinating!! The Hiraizumi World Heritage Site[2011]

なるほど!! 平泉世界遺産

1 episode (60 min)


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Hiraizuimi World Heritage Site Designation Commemorative Program

Iwate Prefecture’s Hiraizumi was officially designated a U.N. World Heritage Site this march. The Buddhist culture of Iwate began when the Fujiwara clan attempted to create “The pure land where the Buddha dwells” on Earth.
At the center of this project were the famous Chuson-ji Temple and Motsu-ji temple. The program will explore the beauty of the Hiraizumi site, as well as the romantic history behind it.

A temple created by the first Fujiwara, Kiyohara Fujiwara, to pray for peace and equality.
Its golden central hall represented the peak of architectural engineering at its time.
Its mystery?
“How has the golden hall survived 900 years without being burned or stolen?”

Created by the second Fujiwara, Motohira Fujiwara.
A pure land garden surrounding a spring, it’s said to represent the pure land where Bhaisajyaguru dwells.
Its mystery?
“The statue in the temple was created by the famous sculptor Kaikei!?”

A small mountain between the temples. Tubes with sutras written in them have been excavated here.
Its mystery?
“There’s a theory that the mountain is a pyramid made by the Fujiwaras! Is it true?”

In addition to the above sites, we’ll be showing here historical figures such as Saigyo, Yoshitsune, and Basho visited, and footage of Hiraizumi during each of the four seasons.

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