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  2. To End Our Days on the Mountain



To End Our Days on the Mountain[2009]

山で最期を迎えたい ある夫婦の桃源郷

1 episode (60 min)



Mr. Torao Tanaka (93), and his wife, Fusako (88) live deep in the mountains of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Shortly after WWII, Torao Tanaka came back to Japan and with his wife Fusako bought a mountain near their home town. Their aim was to create a self-sufficient life. They brought up three daughters, invited parents and siblings, and spent happy days there.

Around 1960s, during the years of high economic growth in Japan, they moved to Osaka for their daughters’ future. However, in retirement they left Osaka and went back to the mountain. No electricity, no running water ? just a cabin deep in the mountains.

Their three daughters, who remained in Osaka, begged their parents to live with them in the city. But as time went on and they began to get older themselves, their attitudes changed and they began to understand their parents better. Their parents wanted to end their days on the mountain, and their daughters supported them in their wish, realizing that they had lived a good life.

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