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  2. Do Make Tomorrow a Sunny Day Sometimes Cloudy, Sometimes Sunny



Do Make Tomorrow a Sunny Day Sometimes Cloudy, Sometimes Sunny[2004 , 2007]

あした、 天気になあれ くもり ときどき、 晴れ

1 episode (60 min)



Do Make Tomorrow a Sunny Day [2007] 1 episode (60 min)
Sometimes Cloudy, Sometimes Sunny [2004] 1 episode (60 min)

This excellent documentary follows the life of people who don’t try too hard and accept the smallest happiness as happiness! This is a “neighborhood story” that is heartwarming and somewhat nostalgic, staged in a small okonomiyaki restaurant.

The Ohama area of Imabari-Shi, Ehime Prefecture, is a small fishermen’s town of just 800 people. On a small, old-fashioned street stands an okonomiyaki restaurant called Shoman. The restaurant owner is Mizuho Higaki (59), whose nickname is “Miko-chan.”

With Miko-chan’s big smile and witty talk, Shoman is constantly full of regulars. And although they all have their own unique problems and troubles in life, everyone is connected. But Shoman’s neighborhood is aging and continues to depopulate. The program follows the lives of the people in Miko-chan’s neighborhood. It’s a “neighborhood story” that follows the deep connections of the people there.

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