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  2. Where People Live Together with Mt.Fuji -Mountain Hut Life Above the Clouds-



Where People Live Together with Mt.Fuji -Mountain Hut Life Above the Clouds-[2012]


1 episode(30min)



“4 women work in a mountain hut on the peak of Mt. Fuji”
Mt. Fuji is a world cultural heritage site. During the climbing season in August, a great number of climbers aim for the peak. Among the many courses up the mountain, the peak of the Yoshida and Subashiri routes are lined with so many mountain huts they are called “Mt. Fuji’s Ginza”, and the majority of Mt. Fuji climbers stay in them. The largest of them, “Yamaguchiya Honten” has continued since the end of the Edo period for more than 100 years, and can house 150 climbers with their 12 person staff. The program is a documentary following 4 female staff members as they work in the mountain hut. One of them is Megumi Ueda, who comes from Shizuoka Prefecture, and has been working in the mountain hut for 3 years. Her real job is a freelance professional camerawoman. Bewitched by the beautiful scenery from the top of Mt. Fuji, she lives and works with the staff and continues to photograph the view from the peak every day. Through the life of Ms. Ueda and the 30 year veteran male staff’s jobs, this program shows the difficulties of working on a mountain peak as well as the beauty and harshness of Mt. Fuji and the people who live together in harmony with it.

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