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  2. Matsuri- a festival has come down in Yamaguchi prefecture



Matsuri- a festival has come down in Yamaguchi prefecture[2008]


6+ episode(55min)



“The wonderful festivals of Yamaguchi, filled with history and tradition”
“Matsuri”, a Japanese festival is a transmission of tradition to posterity. Many festival have a long history and are held throughout Japan. People pray to the gods with all their heart at each festival. We Yamaguchi broadcasting company have broadcasted our local festivals for 6 years, and have kept up our close coverage of people who has a high regard for old tradition. The young people will challenge the big stage nder pressure, their family supports them, and their friends quietly watch over them. We can see the emotional connection one has with someone, pride and human warmth that we Japanese people value. This is the story that think about the importance of the connection between our hearts and the region through “Matsuri”.
“Jyoro- dance at Strait of Kanmon”
“Oshikurago-The pride of seamen”
“Hadakabo-traditional boisterous festival connected with men”
“Mitsukuri Kagura-sacred music and dancing performed at 7 shrines”
“Shinmeisai at Atsuki- a match with their pride at stake on West and East”
“Try his limits –Kanmai dance at Yukaba, Iwakuni”

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