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The No.1 Dance Team[2012]




Kyoto Meitoku High School’s dance team has won two years in a row, first place worldwide. The coach is a gym teacher, Makiko Iwakura (39) who is nicknamed “Ms. Satan.”
Aiming to achieve first place a third time, even winning second place is out of the question. In order to win, it is all or nothing.
12 years ago, when she began coaching, the dance team was composed entirely of amateurs.
Everyone desperately tried to learn, and showed the world that “if you really try, you can do it”. And that is how the team became international champions.
Looking at the dance practices is shocking. To the students dancing out their souls, Ms. Iwakura yells “Are you incapable? Do I have to turn on your switch to get you moving?”
But the students and their parents trust Ms. Iwakura more than anyone else.
In this documentary, we focus on the relationship between the dance team and “Ms. Satan.”
Will Meitoku High School make it into their third year as international champions!?

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