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Oita Best Selection!! - Journey to nature and history -[2014]


1 episode(54min)



“Presenting the Nature and Sights of Oita prefecture”
Two announcers for TV Oita, Aki Nojima and Tomohiko Tanabe visit various locations in the prefecture and introduce the highlights of each area. In the Kuju highlands, lead by a guide they walk the “Fair Walk” which one is normally not allowed into. In Kitsuki which still retains an air of the Edo period, they put on a kimono and stroll along the understreets in the “Sandwich shape” so rare in the country. In Saiki city, the moutain nature is highlighted. In Usa city, we visit the filming location for “Karaage USA”, a movie that’s being talked about across Japan. Also, we’ll showcase relics of the war. The program will also introduce other things and views of various hot springs inns from around Oita Prefecture.

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