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Hokuyo's Surprise Tour/Asako’s Surprise Tour [2013-2015]


Season 1,2,3 (45min)


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There are many the youth who live in Tokyo on their own to realize their dream.
How many of them say thank you so much to their parents in their home town?
Even though when their parents come to Tokyo, some of them might say “I’m too busy to show you around”. The popular women comedian duo, HOKUYO rise to help those people to say thank you for their parents. HOKUYO experienced poor time when they were young, after that they success and now even got married.
They become “Surprise Tour planner”, and they plans 3 couples Tokyo Surprise Tour. Their mothers comes Tokyo without any information, then Hokuyo take for them some Tokyo place where mom and the youth can enjoy.
Moreover the youth gives gratitude letter to their mom, even Hokuyo are moved to tears.
Asako Ito has taken over hosting duties from the 2015 season onwards


Hokuyo (Mihoko Abukawa/Saori Ito) / Asako Ito

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