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Kura Street in Akita[2015]


30’ x 1 episode


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Focusing on the main street of the town where historic buildings are located, this program surveys the appeal of Masudamachi’s notable sights, and its natural environment, climate.

Traditional streetscapes rich in local color have become popular with overseas tourists visiting Japan, and the number of those making their way to Masudamachi, a small town in the south of Akita Prefecture, has recently increased. Located in a key position for traffic crossing between Akita and Iwate Prefectures, Masudamachi developed as a trading town in Japan’s period of warring clans. Even today, buildings that communicate the prosperity of those times can still be found in the center of this town of 8,000 people.
More than 40 of these buildings are unusual storehouses built around living spaces not visible from outside.
The historical significance of these buildings resulted in the area being designated an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings two years ago.

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