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What’s “Naru-churu” noodle?  A Local Cuisine of Tokushima[2015]

癒されるうどん 鳴ちゅる

26’ x 1 episode


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Foodies take note! A fascinating insight into a simply delicious noodle.

Located in northeast Tokushima Prefecture, the city of Naruto is famous for its whirlpools, which are some of the largest to be found in the world. However, the city boasts another secret: A special kind of noodle, “Naru-churu Udon”, a beloved dish which locals have enjoyed since ancient times. While Tokushima Prefecture is renowned for being an udon lover’s paradise, what makes Naru-churu udon stand out is the simplicity of the ingredients (golden light dashi broth, shredded deep-fried tofu and green onions), and the noodle’s irregular shape, as each strand is endowed with ragged edges. It may look deceptively plain, but this is deep and flavorsome udon, a regional specialty imbued with passion.

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