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26 episodes (30 min)


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Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/charamon/


In this program, different actors will appear each episode as various characters called “Pigs”. Each will star in a unique challenge. By having them play as a character, the viewers will see them in a new light, or perhaps see them doing what they’re best at.

An actor wearing a flamboyant costume will go out into town as a “pig” (character) and attempt a difficult challenge to win the viewers hearts.
You’ll see young up-and-comers, old standbys, and veteran actors all attempting the challenges. They’ll be playing as characters you can only see on this program.

A young actor will play as a character who gets on his knees and bows for everything. He’ll try and make requests of pretty girls! How many pictures of girls without their makeup on will he be able to get?
A veteran actor who’s always played as a tough-minded teacher will whip a bunch of loser kids into shape!
Two young actors playing as the “no-reaction brothers” will attempt to get an acupuncture foot massage without making any reaction at all.

We’ll ask for ideas for the menu of an actor who’s playing as an idiot takoyaki seller. Will the ideas work? Will the actor be able to make his shop a success?
Viewer surveys will be conducted to determine which actor will play which character.

*From these surveys we will also investigate the possibility of developing licensed products for the show.



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