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AKB and XX![2010-]


15 episodes (60 min)


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Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/akbxx/


Project Background:
The last holy ground left for AKB48, with its broadcast base in Akihabara Tokyo and a massive and growing network around the country, is Kansai. Now in Kansai, the most popular idols of today will get in touch with serious “Kansai Culture” and “Kansai People”, and each episode they’re going to learn something. By having the Tokyo-based AKB48 set out for Kansai, this program brings you the strange combination of “young idols” and “deep Osaka”.

Program Contents:
The program will be composed segments of AKB members completing a “mission” in Kansai, and a panel will watch them and discuss.

1) Each episode, the members of AKB48 will receive a mission that they must complete!
(a) Search for Juniors in Kansai!
The top members of AKB-48 will search for new members in Kansai.
Will they find the perfect candidate for AKB?

(b) ”A date party for AKB, who are forbidden to love!”
Idols and actresses are being seduced by comedians -> So let’s build immunity by going to a date party with them!
Starring: Speedwagon, Karateka, others.

2) A guest MC and AKB members will watch the above and discuss them!
We’ll invite popular Kansai talents each month as a guest MC, and they’ll watch the segments above with AKB members! These older talents, who don’t even know the names of the AKB members, will be in charge of the segments despite being guests! It will feel very strange! Until these two very different groups get along, AKB48 will never take root in Kansai...

Each of these segments will be recorded as if they were in a studio, but they’ll be shot at a different location each time!

First episode Guest MC: Kida Taro. Location is at the Nekkai Hot springs, and AKB will be wearing their yukata!

#1 Yuko Oshima, Atsuko Maeda, Haruna Kojima, Mariko Shinoda, Minami Takahashi, Tomomi Itano, Tomomi Kasai, Minami Minegishi
#2 Yuko Oshima, Haruna Kojima, Tomomi Kasai, several others


Yuko Oshima

Atsuko Maeda

Haruna Kojima

Mariko Shinoda

Minami Takahashi

Tomomi Itano

Tomomi Kasai

Minami Minegishi

【Guest MC】

Episode 1: Kida Tarou

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