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Global Messenger[2008-]


140+ episodes (30 min)


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/chikyubin/


Family love delivery service around the world!

In a rapidly globalizing society we live in, many Japanese have now been living abroad apart from their family.

Often times, people forget the appreciation of their family love and bond until you experience living far apart from the family. The viewer will have a chance to re-realize by relating to the story of a long-distance family relationship; the family in Japan and their family member living abroad.

The family in Japan will see their family member’s daily life in a different culture abroad for the first time through the camera.

The family in Japan dedicates their love with a surprising gift including a letter delivered by the camera crew. The gift is usually something that can not be easily found abroad and very personal. In return, the camera crew will deliver a video message of their family member to the family in Japan.

The show travels and covers many Japanese family members living around the world which the viewer will have a chance to discover and experience the different culture as well as how Japanese interestingly adjust their lifestyle abroad.

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