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Slight Fever Of 100℃~Island Breeze Of Love[2015]





In Awaji fall of 2013, Chinami Ezaki finds a young man sitting at the beach in his lonesome during her commute. Chinami Ezaki experiences several turn of events in her life. She finds out that her 5 yearlong boyfriend who she intended on marrying had been cheating on her and her company suddenly fired her. When all things looked down, the man at the beach Riku Igarashi asks her to work for him. Being son of a wealthy family, Riku had moved to here for his sick mother. Chinami starts working as a maid and the two start falling in love with each other. As the two suffer from the different environments they were raised in, one stormy night Riku encounters Chinami’s ex-boyfriend who still cannot give up on her. As the two fight, a trauma that Chinami had been suffering gets revealed…


Koichi Okamoto


Airi Taira

Sho Aoyagi

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