1. Feature Drama
  2. “My Life” -survival rate of 0%・I’ll defeat the little bug in my stomach-


Feature Drama

“My Life” -survival rate of 0%・I’ll defeat the little bug in my stomach-[2016]




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“I’ll defeat the little bug in my stomach!” In Hyogo prefecture Aioi city, Michiyo Kawada lived a tranquil life with her husband and three sons. Their 4 year old son Yuhei Kawada loved sports and brightened the family with his cheerful personality. However, his body developed a rare cancer that only occurs to 1 out of 100 million people called hepatoblastoma. Although going through painful chemotherapy, he keeps his cheerfulness to make the family smile. Yuhei recovers once with a liver transplant from his mother; however, the cancer recurred. The family was informed that the survival rate within two years after the recurrence was 0%. No matter the odds, the mother and her family fight for their son’s life.


Yoshino Kimura

Kazuki Kitamura

Ayumu Yokoyama

Atsuko Takahata

Kuranosuke Sasaki

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