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Feature Drama



120’ x 1 episode


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/oiesan/

Spanning the turbulent decades from the Meiji to early Showa era, this is the story of a woman who turned a local sugar wholesaler into a world-class trading company, and of the man who helped her. Having married into Suzuki Shoten, a Kobe sugar wholesaler, Yone Suzuki lives a stable life as the wife of a businessman, raising her children while clashing with her strict and conservative husband Iwajirou. With her husband’s sudden death, however, Yone’s life changes course completely as she takes the helm of Suzuki Shoten. She receives support and guidance from company employee Naokichi Kaneko, who has overcome an impoverished childhood to reach his present position. Facing all the vicissitudes of their time, Yone and Naokichi turn Suzuki Shoten into Japan’s largest trading company. But after surviving numerous difficulties, the pair are about to meet their greatest trial. Becoming involved in the Rice Riots of 1918, Suzuki Shoten faces a disastrous end.


Yuki Amami

Shun Oguri

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