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Ryujin JUWARA[2008-2012]


25’ x 46 episodes



“Ryujin Mabuyer” is an original local hero, who will protect and celebrate local culture. Considering the world view for children’s image of a “hero” is same, we are convinced a hero program can be accepted to all viewers. Also, we believe that “Ryujin Mabuyer” can promote tourism industry and spread the culture of your local areas. And moreover, we can offer a low budget production plan.
In 2013, in co-production with Malaysian company, Islamic version “Ryujin Juwara” has been made. In this version, both Okinawa and Muslim culture is celebrated.
With this format, local heroes can be made in any countries!

“Ryujin Mabuyer” is a community-based live-action superhero TV series broadcasted in 2008 to 2012 that was inspired by the “Super Sentai” (Super squad, aka Power Rangers) series. Such shows typically advertise the localities in which they are set. In this series, the characters speak in Okinawa’s local dialect and have Okinawan names. The story is about the nine stones called ‘Mabui-stone’ scattered around in Okinawa area.
Each stones carry a unique magical power which is believed to be possessed by the soul of the Okinawa’s legendary dragon. Majimun- the villains- attempt to collect the nine stones and destroy Okinawa’s culture and tradition where Ryujin Mabuyer fights against and stop from doing so.

Program On-air: 2008-2012
Season 1:
25’ x 7 episodes
25’ x 13 episodes
25’ x 13 episodes
25’ x 13 episodes

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