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They Make How Much?[2008]


100+ episode



Does your neighbor seem to have it all? Does another neighbor never buy a new car and pinch pennies? Can you guess what their monthly income might be? The truth might surprise you! As two reporters investigate the target family, studio panelists must try to guess the family’s monthly income. The size of the house, type of car, hobbies, food preferences—it’s all fair game in the investigation. The panelist who comes closest in estimating the amount gets a small treat.
This program airs as a segment of the weekly program, Doyo ha Dame yo!
Program On-air: Saturdays, 4:00pm
Program start date: 9/2003
Number of program episodes: 400+
Segment start date: 11/2006
Number of segment episodes: 100+

This segment could be adapted in any country for people, of wide range of ages. This is an entertainment quiz show for family. According to the audience rating research, this program including the segment is watched by kids to elderly people, and is at the top ranking among other programs in the same hour, for more than a decade!
The original Japanese program has already broadcasted more than 400 episodes so far and stays very popular. Of course this includes more than 100 episodes of the “They Make How Much?” as one of audiences’ favorite segments.

People investigated in the past are,
Programmer/System engineer/Police/English school owner/Financial planner/High school teacher/Writer/Contractor/Taxi driver/Musical conductor/Athlete/Chef/Craft man/Business consultant/Fire fighter/Photographer/Graphic designer and etc…

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