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Happy Tail[2002]


1 episode (82 min)



Hikaru, a typical high-school student, wakes up one morning to a shocking discovery: she has grown a furry tail! It proves to be a disaster at first, as her first date with the boy she likes is ruined, and attempts to hide the tail from her family prove unsuccessful.

It turns out that Hikaru is not alone. A civil servant and single father, Haruo, has also grown a tail that he tries to hide from his coworkers and the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Hikaru decides to come out of the closet and proudly displays her new appendage on television. Her sister creates a new line of fashion accessories as ‘happy tail fever’ sweeps through the city of Hakodate, until things take a turn for the worse thanks to the local tabloid.


Aoi Miyazaki

Yo Oizumi

Ryo Katsuji

Masato Hagiwara

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