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Maybe Again Tomorrow[2001]


1 episode (88 min)



YTV introduces a limited-release film starring Kazue Fukiishi, a rising star in the Japanese entertainment world. In this drama, the raw feelings of young love are brought to life by this actress, performing with an assuredness beyond her years. Directed by the award-winning Mitsuhiro Mihara.

Natsune juggles her busy school life with daily visits to her ailing grandmother. Although her grandmother remains unconscious, Natsune gains some peace by talking to her about her problems and her growing feelings for the karate club star at school. However, with first love must also come first heartbreak, and Natsune is no exception. Just when her life seems doomed, she runs into the ‘Girl of the Vineyards’.


Kazue Fukiishi

Tetsu Sawaki

Yukari Oshima

Miho Kojima

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