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Working Holiday[2012]


1 episode (70 min)


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Nice to meet you, father

A rebel in his teens and now a “host” working in bars to please ladies, Yamato Okita’s life dramatically changes when a mature elementary school kid, Susumu, one day bombs him with this greeting.

Yamato starts living with his new son and also shifts jobs to a delivery truck driver. But his new job and the world of parenting are somewhat of a riddle to him, and it seems that trouble keeps happening……

This is a story about a man and a boy who become a family. At first, reserved with one another they soon start to bother each other. Their mind tells them they should be caring of each other, but their heart says they just want to be understood. Father-and-son ties strengthen as they start to know that they can show both their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sides and that they are there for each other.

They become a pair with a real connection. You will laugh and cry in this
adventure story about a young man who cannot yet come to terms with
being an adult and a boy who can’t fully be a kid.



Roi Hayashi

Go Ayano

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