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Classic Drama

Suspicious Memory[1998]


1 episode (68 min) 9 episodes (54 min)
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Since his auto accident at nineteen, Katsumi has suffered from amnesia and minimal brain damage. All memory of his previous life was lost, and he now lives with the mind of an eight year-old. When Yasuko meets Katsumi in the rehabilitation center, she is captivated by his sincerity, genuineness and musical talent. The attraction is mutual, but Katsumi is like an adoring child to her, and Yasuko is intrigued by his unusual situation and her desire to reintegrate him into society. When another beautiful young woman takes an unusual interest in him, no one can be sure of her motives or her connection to his former life.


Masayoshi Yamazaki

Yuki Matsushita

Naho Toda

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