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Classic Drama

Paradise Lost[1997]


1 episode (84 min) 11 episodes (54 min)
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The tragic tale of two lovers whose passion burns so intensely it destroys them. Based on the bestseller by Junichi Watanabe, this hit series tells of the fated love affair between Shoichiro, a middle-aged man who has come to regret devoting his whole life to his work, and Rinko, a beautiful woman trapped in a married life filled with depression and disillusion. A man engaged to Soichiro’s daughter has fallen in love with Rinko, and Soichiro meets with her to ask her to end the relationship. However, despite their unpleasant first meeting, soon Shoichiro and Rinko find themselves drawn to each other, and find in each other something that had been missing in their lives. Their burning passion heightens by the day, until their yearning for everlasting, perfect love leads to a fateful decision.


Ikko Furuya

Naomi Kawashima

Yukiyo Toake

Miho Kanno

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