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ボーダー 犯罪心理捜査ファイル

9 episodes (54 min)
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Serial killers driven by deviant desire - the only way to stop them is to understand them. This thrilling drama series is based on the current popularity of criminal psychology. Kirie works as a psychological profiler with the local detective squad. Using crime-scene data, she puts together a likely profile of the culprit based on a system devised by the F.B.I. But events from her own past help explain her ambition in this trade. Kirie works closely with two other investigators, Tsuji, the chief homicide investigator, and Fubuki, the youngest detective on the team. Fubuki’s obvious admiration for Kirie and her work are offset by Tsuji’s lack of faith in the profiling profession. But both are driven by their unwavering desire to bring the killers to justice.


Akina Nakamori

Michitaka Tsutsui

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