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Classic Drama

Ranpo R[2004]


10 episodes (54 min)
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There’s nothing more terrifying than human obsession.

Edogawa Ranpo stands alone atop the literary world of mystery and suspense in Japan, adored by countless fans to this day. Many of his works have been adapted for film, television and stage, including such famous titles as “The Fiend with Twenty Faces”, “The Black Lizard”, and ”The Human Chair”. Now YTV brings you Edogawa Ranpo’s master works reformulated as modern entertainment drama.

Akechi Kogoro is the third generation in a line of famous detectives. But while he’s inherited his famous grandfather’s deductive ability, he’s weak-willed and has a cowardly streak, making him an all-too-human sleuth. Although he’s sometimes dragged kicking and screaming into the fray, Akechi finds himself going head to head with the criminals every time.

Presenting a new Edogawa Ranpo, a new Akechi Kogoro.


Takashi Fujii

Toshio Kakei

Manami Honjo

Ittoku Kishibe

Shuji Otaki

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