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Classic Drama

Madam Mari[2003]


11 episodes (54 min)
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Legend has it that if a bride wears a dress made by Madam Mari on her wedding day, she will find true happiness.

Young advertising executive Reiko is engaged to marry one of her coworkers, and seeks out the legendary dressmaker to commission her dress. But her meeting with Madam Mari doesn’t turn out quite as she expected, and her world is turned upside-down. Before long she finds herself working as Mari’s assistant.

Each episode features a new client with some problem in her love life coming to Madam Mari’s seeking happiness. The dressmaker makes each of them a dress unlike any other in the world, and when they wear it they realize true love.

Set in the contrast between the practical and sometimes cynical Mari and the hopeful Reiko who believes in love and yearns for wedded bliss, this story is not just for women seeking happiness, but for everyone who is facing some kind of trouble in life. The wedding dresses made by the legendary dressmaker are also showcased -- some surprisingly simple, some elegant, some flamboyant.

Full of tears and laughter, Madam Mari is an entertaining human drama about love and life.


Kaori Momoi

Hiromi Nagasaku

Mayuko Takada

Ryuichi Oura

Masao Kusakari

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