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メッセージ 言葉が、裏切っていく

1 episode (69 min) 7 episodes (54 min)
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This fast-paced drama tells the story of three young women in the world of investigative journalism.

Kyoko is happy working in the children’s literature department of a major publishing firm when she is suddenly transferred to the editorial department of an infamous tabloid where nothing is considered taboo. From picture books and children’s stories she is thrust into a world of scoops and scandals feeding off murder, corruption, and sleaze. Joining her in this battlefield are new colleagues: Eri is assigned to the sex scandal beat despite her masters degree in mass media, while Ayumi is stuck at a desk job waiting for her chance to cover a story. Their boss was formerly a top reporter at a major newspaper, but the circumstances surrounding his quitting to go freelance ten years ago remain a mystery.

As the plot unfolds a big news story from the past surfaces again, and the young women are caught up in an unexpected happening..


Hitomi Manaka


Moe Yamaguchi

Mitsuko Baisho

Ryudo Uzaki

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