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Classic Drama

Night Hospital[2002]

ナイトホスピタル 病気は眠らない

1 episode (67 min) 9 episodes (54 min)
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This human drama is set in a unique hospital where the doors open at night to treat outpatients. At these late hours the staff are faced with all sorts of ailments and all sorts of patients.

The new member of staff, Maki, was trained as a pathologist but finds herself assigned to the hospital as a clinical physician. Although she’s full of medical knowledge, her lack of any real experience (and her queasiness at giving shots!) keep her at arm’s length from the rest of the staff. The passionate and optimistic Maki is particularly detested by Keiko, the practical and results-oriented clinical physician.

Nevertheless, Maki is determined to help her patients. Armed with her knowledge and vitality she strives to get to the bottom of the various illnesses she is faced with. As Maki grows not just as a doctor but as a human being, the rest of the staff is touched by her courage. Join the staff of Night Hospital as they rediscover life!


Yukie Nakama

Reiko Takashima

Seiichi Tanabe

Naoto Takenaka

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