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Feature Drama

The Kidnappers[1998]

ナニワ借金道 〜盗られてたまるか

85’ x 1 episode


In this comedy/drama set in Osaka, rich girl Hanako runs away from home, changes her name to Megumi, and gets a job as a trucker. She and her new partner, Kyosuke, accidentally run into another Hanako who’s being chased by the Chinese mob, to whom she owes money. As fate would have it, they learn that Hanako’s troubles are all the fault of Megumi’s father, Urushihara. Kyosuke also happens to be in need of cash, and so the three hatch a plan to fake Megumi’s kidnapping to get the ransom money.


Hanako Yamada

Masayuki Imai

Chiharu Niiyama

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