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  2. Hospital Infection


Feature Drama

Hospital Infection[1997]


112’ x 1 episode



After successful surgery to repair a damaged artery, sixth-grader Takaaki relaxes under the care of his mother and kind nurse. But three days later, he takes a sudden turn for the worse and is diagnosed with a potentially fatal staph infection. The antibiotic an older doctor administers is supplied by a pharmaceutical company from which he is taking payoffs. But little Takaaki doesn’t respond to the medication, and one week later he’s dead. Accused of taking inadequate sanitary precautions, Takaaki’s nurse is made the scapegoat for his death. But after the staph-related death of another one of her patients, she and a young doctor suspect foul play. The doctor, nurse, and Takaaki’s mother must unravel the mystery behind the deaths while battling the medical code of silence and an invisible, lethal enemy.


Misa Shimizu

Kenichi Okamoto

Yuko Natori

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