1. Feature Drama
  2. The Ultimate Detective Game


Feature Drama

The Ultimate Detective Game[2004]


129’ x 1 episode or 30’ x 4 episodes



When seven people wake up to find themselves locked up in a strange building, they receive a chilling message from their “host” via a computer: there is a killer in their midst! One by one they will all be murdered if they do not discover the killer’s identity. They also learn that seven other people are locked away in another building, with whom they can communicate via the computer, and that there is another killer hidden among that group. The computer explains the rules of the “game”: They must guess the identity of the killers in both groups.

Trapped in this twisted detective game, can they find the killer in time? Survival depends on information from the other group, but how can that information be trusted? And how can they trust each other?


Takashi Kashiwabara

Haruka Ayase

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