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Feature Drama

Slighted Justice[1999]


114’ x 1 episode


Detective Yosuke Matsuura is down on his luck. His wife, the daughter of a legendary detective, has moved out and wants a divorce. Just as he thinks he might be able to keep some pride in his work, he is given a case which promises to squelch his determination. When a senior Finance Ministry official is found dead in a hotel room, signs clearly point to the killer. But Yosuke is subtly told to ignore the facts by senior members of the police force. When he ignores them, his closest acquaintances pay the price. Will his search for justice destroy his whole world? High-profile homicide and the power-play between the world of politics and law enforcement drive this thrilling, suspense drama.


Koji Yakusho

Shinobu Otake

Mirai Yamamoto

Directed by Yasuo Tsuruhashi

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