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Feature Drama

Reset (2-hour special)[2008]

リセット SP

114’ x 1 episode


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/reset/


This two-hour special drama consists of three episodes in omnibus form.

#1. My World 1 episode (114 min)
On the day of the announcement of the winners at the Grand Manga Awards, Fukuda and Tokui, a pair of comic-book artists, are looking forward to the results, convinced they will win. However, in a turn of events, the Grand Prize goes to their rival, Yoshida. Firmly believing in his own talent, Tokui launches a barrage of criticism at Fukuda, blaming him for the failure. Fukuda soon finds out that Yoshida had initially hoped to pair up with him and he regrets choosing Tokui as a partner. Then arbiter Henri appears and resets Fukuda’s life to the moment just before Fukuda decides to pair up with Tokui…

#2. Love’s Fate 1 episode (114 min)
While there is nothing to complain about in her present life with her husband, the life of homemaker Kaori has been nothing but dull. One day, after watching a movie directed by her old boyfriend Nobuo, she is overwhelmed by a mix of emotions because she realizes that the movie was dedicated to her. Then arbiter Henri appears and resets her life to three years previous, when she was in love with Nobuo…

#3. A Tearful Choice 1 episode (114 min)
When told by a doctor that her mother, Masako, has Alzheimer’s disease, Yura is referred to a special care facility for her mother. Unable to leave her own mother, Yura decides to take care of her at home. Her mother’s illness gets worse everyday, eventually jeopardizing Yura’s whole life. Yura mournfully regrets her decision to look after her mother, and privately wishes, “I should have put her in a care facility when I had the chance.” This is when arbiter Henri appears and resets her life…


Masahiko Tsugawa



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