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Feature Drama

Big Nose Knows Best (2-hour special)[2008]

夢をかなえるゾウ SP

114’ x 1 episode


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/yumezou/


Based on the million-copy bestselling book by Keiya Mizuno that became a social phenomena, Big Nose Knows Best now comes to you in the form of a two-hour special drama.

An strange elephant-like creature with an Osaka accent, a self-proclaimed “super-famous God” named Ganesha appears in front of a hopeless businessman and gives him the weirdest tasks to become successful in life.

This heartfelt comedy with a witty story line and a unique approach to finding the keys to success will bring you both tears and laughter.


Shun Oguri

Arata Furuta

Asaka Seto

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