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Feature Drama


怪物 -読売テレビ開局55年記念ドラマスペシャル-

110’ x 1 episode


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/kaibutsu/


Detective Takao Kasai is on the verge of getting demoted, but he can detect the smell of death that lingers after a murderer. He sets a trap for Akira Dojima, who abducted and killed an 8 year-old girl 15 years ago, but a girl who was attacked before the victim appears and kills Dojima in self-defense. In order to protect this girl, Risa, Kasai asks researcher Ryo Masaki who is developing new methods for waste treatment that can even break down DNA, to help him clean up the evidence. But as he processes the late Dojima, Kasai is overtaken by a fear he's never felt before. Dojima is truly a monster of unfathomable darkness...


Koichi Sato

Osamu Mukai

Mikako Tabe

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