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Court Watch Mania 09[2009]


40’ x 10 episodes


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/bouchou/


Court Watch Mania 09 is the ultimate human drama, in which we see the drama of the courtroom, a place where the most raw scenes of human emotions can be observed, in a comedic way from the perspective of members of the public gallery. The show is based on the 500,000-copy bestseller of the same name, a book that created a court watching boom. The book was adapted into a manga and was widely read by the younger generation.

A chance opportunity brings a young part-timer to the gallery of a courtroom. Here he sees an assortment of criminals, from murderers and sex offenders to con artists, blackmailers, perpetrators of domestic violence, stalkers and more. He also witnesses a judge who tries to pick up a high-school girl in the gallery, a murderer who enters the courtroom in a skull covered jersey, and a sadistic female prosecutor who attacks the suspect with harsh language. The court watching maniacs look on as if enjoying a play happening on stage.


Osamu Mukai

Akina Minami

Seiji Rokkaku

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