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  2. Deka Kurokawa Suzuki



Deka Kurokawa Suzuki[2012]


40’ x 13 episodes


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/deka/index.html


The trio with the worst teamwork!

A case is reported to the Criminal Affairs Division of a police precinct in a quiet, rural town. Kurokawa Suzuki, a detective with exceptional powers of deduction, and his subordinates Shiraishi Kosaku and Akagi Tadashi rush to the crime scene. The case has occurred in the mountains, at a farm for high-grade wasabi and the murder victim is the farm’s owner, Sonoyama Shigeo. His eldest daughter, Sonoko, was the first person to discover his body. The wasabi that Shigeo cultivates is of the highest grade. All of it has been stolen.
So Shiraishi deduces that it was the work of a group of thieves from a neighbouring town. The glass of the greenhouse in which Shigeo grew orchids was also broken, but oddly enough, the orchids were not stolen. Kurokawa doubts Shiraishi’s theory about the group of thieves. If they were the culprits, they did not need to kill Shigeo. He speculates that it was someone who would be in trouble if his or her face was seen. Kurokawa narrows his suspects down to three people: Sonoko, the eldest son Tatsuo, and second son Maruo.


Itsuji Itao

Seiichi Tanabe

Kei Tanaka

Mayu Tsuruta

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