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Haruko’s Japanese Language Class[2010]


40’ x 12 episodes


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/nihongo/


Based on the comic series “Nihonjin No Shiranai Nihongo”, this drama series analyzes and focuses on the so-called standard Japanese language/custom applied among native speaker’s daily life.

Haruko, who dreams to become a high school literature teacher, was offered her dream but with on one condition: teaching Japanese for 3 months at a Japanese language school to foreign students who they come from all over the world. “What a piece of cake!” in Haruko’s mind until….

・Why do you call a ‘green colored traffic light’ a ‘blue light’?
・What is the name of the square plate with partitions where you normally pour soy sauce?
・Why do you mark a circle on the correct answers instead of a check mark on the exam?

Haruko faces all these simple questions raised by her students but extremely difficult for her to answer because the question have never been raised in her life before and she have never realized these points until now even though being a native Japanese speaker, which this topic applies to many Japanese people nowadays. During the series, Haruko also realizes and learns the cultural difference between Japan and other countries.

The class is made of diversity of students from France, Italy, Sweden, US, UK, Russia and China. Some students uses misguided phrases learned from anime and movies as well as doubly-polite phrases learned from his or her Japanese co-worker. This means that daily Japanese language is often used improperly even among native speakers.

“Japanese that Japanese people don’t know…teaching Japanese ain’t easy after all!!” Haruko’s challenge continues….can she complete her task teaching the course in order to become a high school teacher, her long-cherished dream?


Riisa Naka

Munetaka Aoki

Natsuki Harada

Narushi Ikeda

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