1. Drama
  2. S.D.B. – National Police Agency Special Defense Bureau



S.D.B. – National Police Agency Special Defense Bureau[2014]

トクボウ 警察庁特殊防犯課

60’ x 13 episodes


Japanese official site http://www.ytv.co.jp/tokubou/


To casual observers, Asakura Sohei of the Special Defense Bureau at the National Police Agency looks like a lazy good-for-nothing soul, especially because of his commonly used expression, “Aah, shinitai!” (Ah, I want to die). Yet in a world where villainous characters abound and wrongdoing by ordinary people is rampant, our hero is a man who keeps on fighting despite the high number of cases he is forced to take. Evil not brought to justice is his bugbear, and he punishes those unpunishable by law through mental pressure and humiliation to get them back on track.


Tsuyoshi Ihara

Yumi Adachi

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