1. Drama
  2. Why can't Seiya Todoin, 16-Year-Old, get a girlfriend?



Why can't Seiya Todoin, 16-Year-Old, get a girlfriend?[2015]


30’ x 9 episodes


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“Why can’t I get a girlfriend?”

He’s super hot! He’s got the best grades in the school! His family’s rich, and he’s great at sports! He’s the man who’s got it all, Seiya Todoin! But there is one thing he can’t get no matter how hard he tries. Something every teenage boy needs to be truly happy.
That’s right. He doesn’t have a girlfriend.
He’s the ultimate unfortunate hot boy. Seiya Todoin is 16 years old, and in this red-hot romantic comedy, his fantasies will get out of control as he goes up against some tough women in his quest to find his first girlfriend!
This program will bring tears, laughter, and encouragement to anybody who’s ever been lost in love!


Yutaka Kobayashi (BOYS AND MEN)

Azusa Okamoto

Narumi Konno

SDStandard Definition  HDHigh Definition  M&SE Music & SE MIX