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Hiiro no Kakera[2012 ]


30’ x 26 episodes
Category : Action, Adventure


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Japanese official site http://www.hiironokakera.tv/


“There is no escaping fate, the blood’s one thousand year old destiny is about to be revealed!”

A Japanese visual novel, also known as a game for PlayStation 2. Tamaki visits a small village and comes across a small white round object which has sticks for limbs and talks. It runs off soon after she begins chasing it, only for Tamaki to find herself in an unfamiliar place totally unlike the world where she came from. Suddenly attacked by three slimy creatures, a man comes charging in to save her, telling her to be quiet. What will happen next?

Tamaki Kasuga

The heroine of the story, Kasuga Tamaki. It is her destiny as Tamayorihime to seal Onikirimaru.

Oomi Suguru

A calligraphy artist who wears Japanese clothes. The eldest. He controls water and earth.

Yuuichi Komura

Tamaki’s upper classmate. Quiet and cool. He uses illusions and magic.

Takuma Onizaki

Acts cool but is actually really hot-blooded. His abilities are the strongest.

Shinji Inukai

Tamaki’s junior classmate. A boy who doesn’t like fighting. Has the power to use magical words.

Mahiro Atori

An upper classmate of Tamaki’s. Loud and loves to boast. Controls the wind.

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