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The File of Young Kindaichi Returns[2014-2015]


2014: 30’ x 25 episodes
2015: 30’
Category : Mystery


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“Brilliant student sleuth Hajime Kindaichi is back!”

In these brand new episodes of the Young Kindaichi whodunit mystery series, Hajime Kindaichi once again becomes embroiled in solving baffling cases and deciphering puzzling crimes that would confound the most seasoned of detectives. Whether it’s a gruesome murder, shady game of the Japanese board game Go; a perplexing and macabre case involving a mysterious character, “Rosenkreutz”, and blue roses; or a blood curdling crime associated with an urband legend at a winter ski resort – Hajime is out to crack them all!

“In the name of my grandfather… the mystery is solved!”

He has returned! “The File of Young Kindaichi Returns” is a Japanese mystery manga series based on the crime-solving adventures of a high school student, Hajime Kindaichi, supposed grandson of the famous private detective Kosuke Kindaichi. Visiting Hong Kong for a fashion event with Kindaichi, our hero’s girlfriend Miyuki is captured by a stranger in a case of mistaken identity. The journey to save Miyuki itself leads to yet another crime case…

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