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Clinoppe[2013 ]


2’30 x 26 episodes
Category : Comedy


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“A dancing yellow creature conveying emotions through dance!”

29 year old one-san works in an office.
Work is not so good. She has no hobbies and no boyfriend.
But in her apartment is a strange pet who lives with her.
A yellow little squishy creature named clinoppe.

Clinoppe doesn't speak when spoken to but is a great dancer!
Receiving its favorite candy puts Clinoppe in a good mood.

One day deep in the mountains of India a mysterious little creature called Clinoppe was discovered.
But why did they come to this island and why to the home of one-san?
The mysterious man, Nanchovy Matsuda is the only who knows the answer.

Nevertheless, one-san's life with clinoppe is never boring.
Entering clinoppe dance events, there are battles with rivals.
And even at home alone with just the two of them, clinoppe dances.
Clinoppe dances as if to take in one-san's happiness, complaints and bittersweetness.

This is the story of one-san and clinoppe sharing a strange but funny life under the same roof.

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